There Is Nothing Wrong With You!

Words matter. They help us define who we are, whether they come from inside ourselves or from the people around us.

Maybe you were told that you have to be someone different, or that you have to act or dress a particular way.  Maybe you don’t have the social skills that your friends have and you feel as though you are lacking.

Here is the truth: there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Everyone experiences negative thoughts and self-doubt. The problem lies with the messages and the information you give yourself over and over. 

Humans are hard-wired to see the negative. It’s in our DNA, all the way back to when we were the food source instead of in our current position atop the food chain. Back then, we looked for every threat, no matter how small.

These days, we sometimes turn that kind of thinking on ourselves. But have you ever considered that your words have power? Negative words and thoughts are just as influential as positive ones, sometimes more so.  This is because thoughts lead to behaviors, which in turn lead to habits. And habits, as we all know, are the building blocks of your life.

Now imagine what would happen if you’re self-talk changed. What if you started noticing that what you are doing that is not helpful to where you want to be?  What would happen if you allowed the Jones’ to live their life and you live yours?   What would happen if you gave yourself the same amount of time to undo the negativity in your words? 

Take a look in the mirror and instead of seeing wrinkles or other imperfections, see the wisdom that comes with age. Start reminding yourself of all the good things about yourself and more good things will happen. 

That’s the truth.

Danny L. Ross is a certified school counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of the Texas with over 18 years of combined experience in teaching, school counseling, social services, and clinical counseling. Mr. Ross specializes in issues including child and adolescent, grief and complicated grief, anger, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and family relationships. He is the owner operator of DLR Counseling Group in Arlington, Texas.

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