Upcoming Engagements

March 18, 2017

Texas Professional Home Child Care Association, “Teaching Value, Strength, and Empathy to the Young Learner”

Garland, Texas

August 6, 2016

Arlington DFW Child Care Providers Association “Embracing and Engaging In Diversity In The Early Years”

Arlington, Texas

July 11, 2016

Keller Counselors Association, “Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health Counselors and School Counselors”

Keller, Texas

  • Topics I'm available for speaking:

    • Dealing Grief after a Traumatic Loss
    • Grief, My New Normal
    • Why Won’t He Listen To Me
    • Breaking Free From Toxic Patterns
    • From Educating to Learning, From Learning to Teaching
    • Raising the Child You Want to See as an Adult
    • Drugs and Alcohol Issues
    • Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace-Making You a Priority
    • Poor Communication and How it Sabotages Your Relationships
    • Goal Setting When You Don’t Know Where to Start
    • Diversity